Jonitra F. Smith

Hello, Howdy, How yall doin’!!!

If yall couldn’t tell from greeting yes I am from Texas. I was born in Austin, TX and raised in Houston, TX. 
Faryl’s Events had been a dream of mine since I was little and didn’t even know what a wedding planner was. When I was in elementary school(6 or 7 years old) we had to go to computer class once a week. When our classwork was done whoever had the pleasure of sitting next to me in class would receive a world-class wedding planned in clip-art photos. I know I’m showing my age but this is where my dream started. 
I started planning events when I was in high school. It all started with me planning my school's Halloween dance. It was the most invigorating thing for me to do in my high school career. I planned the dance for about 2 or 3 years. I also planned a few events for family and friends. However, once I graduated I put that on the goal of mine on hold. Until one of my college friends got engaged. That sparked my longing to become a wedding planner again. 
I then started my research on on how to become a wedding planner. Classes, courses, confrences, and networking. I did all of this trying to figre out how this would work as a business. I gathered as much information as possible. I was doing this while working in retail full time. But, I finally decided to tak the leep and start my business. 
Since offically starting my business in 2018, I have met many diffrent types of couples and vendors.

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