• Jonitra Smith

COVID Wedding of Jessica & Bobby

Below are a few Images for a COVID wedding. This wedding went from being about 100 people down to about 35 people. This wedding went from being a full day to being about 4 hours long celebration with there closet friends and family.

Jessica and Bobby were never discouraged with the COVID 19 pandemic. They were eager to still get married and when they were able to still keep there date and that they will only have to make there guest list shorter they were ecstatic. There entire wedding was still full of joy and warmth.

This couple had the most changes that had to be made. From location to amount of people to being rained out on there rehearsal day. They were always positive and knew that there wedding day would turn out wonderful.

Jessica and Bobby Striker

Wedding date: October 10, 2020

Venue: Donna's Legacy

Rehearsal Venue: Inner Me Studios

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