• Jonitra Smith

Planning a Wedding During Social Distancing

Does social distancing have you down? Do you feel like you are falling behind in your wedding planning? Here are 4 things you can do to work on your wedding while at home.

If you haven’t set a date it’s time to pick one

Setting a deadline will assist in keeping your self accountable during this time. When picking a date to remember: days around popular holidays(Christmas, Thanksgiving) might be pricier. June-October is considered peak times and can also be pricier. Select a few dates, this will give you options if your dream venue is already booked on your first selection.

Interview and hire a wedding planner or coordinator

There are so many benefits of having a wedding planner for your wedding day. One of the big benefits of hiring a wedding planner is that they help you find and select reputable wedding vendors that are in your budget as well as fitting your style. A wedding planner also serves as a budget advisor, etiquette expert, detail manager, and so much more.

A lot of planners are doing their consultations over the phone as well as video chat, to face to face value and get to know them. Lock in your planner or coordinator early to plan a flawless wedding today.

Work on Your Guest List

When working on your guest list always put at the top of your list the people you “must” invite. This includes parents, grandparents, bridal party, siblings, etc. Then add your extended family, friends, co-works, associates, and so on. Narrow your list down to a number that you feel is perfect. This may not be the exact number of guests but it’s a good number to have handy when looking for venues, caterers, etc.

Come up with a theme or color pallet

This is the perfect time to head to Pinterest and look at fun colors and themes. Doing this early helps with so many other aspects of your wedding. Including the venue, invitations, decor, and even wedding attire. You want to make sure that all items relating to your wedding all flow together. Using adjectives to describe your wedding will also help. A wedding that is a country and witty looks totally different from a country and a chic wedding.


Don’t have a DJ yet? A lot of DJs are hosting live streams on there Instagram, Facebook, and if they have enough of a following, they will do them on YouTube. Lookup a few and ask if there are doing a live stream and that way you can see there work in action.

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